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Multimedia presentation is a way of conveying information using interactive mode of media like text, audio, animation, video, graphics, etc. It is an effective way to capture the interest of viewers besides furnishing them with essentials of your presentation. Multimedia presentations are so enticing that they leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

Effervescent has been delivering revolutionary marketing tools for our clients that bring excitement and rising sales at a blinding pace. Our multimedia design and animation team has been involved in multimedia production for over 12 + years, working for businesses and organizations both nationally and internationally. Effervescent has experience in project management for large and small projects.

Effervescent specializes in:

Interactive CD-Rom's & CBT's

Our Multimedia & Design Solutions offers a wide variety of professional multimedia solutions for all of your needs. We offer complete art, animation, photo manipulation, graphics, interactive presentation CDs, sound/voice/music editing and creation, audio CDs, FLASH, Director and more. We can help you design and create professional, top quality, cutting edge multimedia presentation with the latest tools.

Effervescent has the expertise to deliver solid, well designed CD based technologies for a range of applications including: Sales , Presentations , Training , Catalogues , Education , Reference , Storage.

Corporate Presentations

Corporate Presentations or Corporate AVs are sophisticated tools that creates an everlasting impression on your target audience and it uplifts the image of the company. These presentations are very successful at grabbing people's attention. It results in higher retention of presented information by viewers, when compared to static text, graphics, or even audio. It is more compelling due to its ability to trigger multiple senses at the same time.

Corporate presentations created by our team for major Corporate across the globe, reflect the high Quality standards expected by any global company and promise efficient and effective communication. In short, our service has surpassed the expectations of our clients and the results have made them smile their way past their competitors. A well-executed multimedia would ideally be a perfect fusion of design, content, animation and music. Employing the latest animations techniques and eye-catching screen designs, Effervescent has executed an array of Multimedia Projects for a variety of clients. Multimedia Presentations are used extensively for various marketing purposes. Thanks to the interactivity and dynamism, they are proven to be the most compelling of all creative communications. Be it a Corporate Presentation, Product Demo, Computer Based Training (CBT) Movie or a personal portfolio of an aspiring model, multimedia can bring out your message in the most compelling way.

Electronic Catalogue - ECatalogue

Ecatalog or Ebrochure design is very effective medium to deliver information of your products or services right to the prospective clients instantly via email attachments or on the CD. It is cost effective solutions where you don't need to spend the huge amount on printed material.

Digital Arts creates ecatalog design for CD catalog and ebrochure design to send by email. We can design ecatalog and ebrochure informs of powerpoint, flash, CD or PDF formats. Our Ecatalogs design service can help you in making of ebrochure for your company.

Electronic brochure design are great to use for,

Company Information
Product Catalogs
Tradeshow Informational
Your Work Showcase
Promotional Newsletter
Online Instruction Manuals
Photo Albums

Touch Screen Kiosks

You can be at a busy mall or a library, bank, airports or exhibition halls, the concept of marketing products and services utilizing the full powers of a public browser interface is fast gaining popularity.

Touch Screen Kiosks are proven to enhance a company’s digital market strategy and take their message to a much more focused customer base. At Effervescent, we can design and develop Touch Screen Kiosks that are highly engaging and easy to navigate through. The kiosks can also be integrated to interactive Multimedia Programs, movies and even the Internet. By inviting Banner Ads and Video Clippings, the kiosks can also act as revenue source by itself.

Flash Games

If you want to create a new game and to start earning money on it , you will be faced with high competition. The guarantee of your success is creating a high-quality and more interesting solution. A processional team of artists, level designers, and software engineers is involved in game development process in EffectiveSoft company.

From concept to completion, we pride ourselves on the ability to wrap a game around any advertising concept, product, or service. We create Flash games; providing both templated solutions from our inventory of high-quality games as well as 100% custom solutions. We develop high-quality products that can be delivered online, on mobile phones, and other Flash-enabled devices.

Flash Greetings

Flash Greeting Card design is also key focus of energy at Effervescent. At Effervescent, we have continually implemented the latest flash greeting technologies to make our clients presence their greeting well expressed and effectively. Flash greeting designs are proven to be more effective than traditional printed cards as flash ecards are interactive and well expressive with enriched animations and sounds.

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